2008 Playoff Prestige NFL Draft Class Draft Logo Autograph Gallery

From Nick Tylwalk

There will be many autographed cards signed by players selected in the 2008

NFL Draft as the football card season unfolds. Some will stand out from the
crowd more than others, like the NFL Draft Class Draft Logo autographs in
Playoff Prestige.

Donruss has tapped 10 top rookies and had them sign large swatches of
material that include an embroidered patch with the NFL Draft logo. The
resulting cards are pretty sweet, as you can see in this card gallery.

Playoff Prestige also features 24 rookie
per box and has doubled the number of hits
from two to four for 2008 - including at least one autograph and one college
game-worn jersey card. Look for Prestige to go on sale on May 14.